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The Boostly Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Boost Hospitality Facebook Competition

Season 5

Episode 2


Today's episode is about the post. This is the way you are going to describe what the competition is, you are going to describe how, and make sure that once they've entered the competition, that they comment and engage on the post.

You've done the preparations and you've got your prize and your image. Now upload the image to your page. It doesn't matter what time you post it, just do it when you can. What is essential, is the wording. The title is 'Competition Time', so that people instantly know it's a competition. You can also had a few emojis on either side to make it stand out. The next line is where you tell them exactly what they're going to win. Insert business name and say "all you need to do to enter this fantastic competition is like this this post." In the fourth line, say something like "for everyone who wants good karma, make sure you comment below, share, and tag friends." 

Once the post has gone live, go into the post, and in the first comment, you're going to put "For full T&C's, go to...." and insert weblink. Make sure this is in the first comment and not in the post. 

The next thing you'll do, is that you'll start to get engagement. Share it instantly into 3-5 Facebook groups that belong to your niche. 


To learn more and take part in the competition, go to: