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The Boostly Podcast

Oct 18, 2019

Boost Hospitality Podcast

Season 6

Episode 14


Welcome to the Boost Hospitality Podcast, we're in season 6 Episode 14. And today, I am joined by somebody that I've been following for a while now on Instagram and on Facebook.

And I've just really soaked up everything that she has to say when it comes to service accommodation when it comes to property. And when it just comes to being a real good presence online and getting across a real clear message. And this is why I wanted to get Abi on to the podcast today, because we're going to talk about locations.

Abi, for those who don't know, is part of touchstone education, she's got properties in locations that you wouldn't think, really popular when it comes to rental accommodations or service accommodations. And there's one property in particular that is real close to home real close to where I live in from in the UK.